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A lot has been said about gun remarks Jerry Falwell Jr. made in Convocation. Some authors have accused Christian leaders like Falwell of making proclamations appealing to religious authority but lacking biblical reflection.

Think Christian


Come January, either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will occupy the White House. I’ll be voting for Donald Trump because I’m a Christian. Paradoxically, some have said they will never vote Trump for the same reason.

Obviously, Christians are...

The Barefoot Professor


Answers in Genesis

7/1/2012; last featured 8/25/2016

In our modern civilized society, walking around barefoot is something we do in our backyard. But when college professors start showing up in class without shoes, you know something unusual must be going on. You’re about to learn something new—the wonders of foot design.

Talking Shoes & Feet with Dylan Ratigan
Dylan Ratigan Show (MSNBC)


Gun Debate with Al Sharpton
Politics Nation (MSNBC)


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